The Day I Decided To Google Myself


Since starting my Digital Marketing class in September, I have been thinking a lot about search engine rankings, SEO, keyword research and how important those things are to a businesses success.

One goal that every business should have is to rank in the first position on the first page on every search engine.. But should individual’s have that same goal?

With the internet and social media becoming such a huge part of the marketing strategy, it is important to let employers know that you have experience and can manage the different social media platforms. If your online presence isn’t a professional, positive or appropriate one, how do you expect a company to trust you to maintain their online presence and reputation?

As a soon-to-be graduate, I have been putting a lot of time and effort into making my online presence appealing to recruiters and potential employers. Here are a few of the things that I have done:

  1. I created this digital portfolio/website to highlight my work experiences, skills and projects.
  2. LinkedIn has become my #1 most used social media platform. Whether I am publishing blog posts, connecting with recruiters, or liking company pages – I seem to spend more time on LinkedIn than on Facebook (shocking, right?).
  3. I created a Twitter account that I primarily use for gaining more knowledge about the marketing industry.
  4. I have constantly been refining and updating my resume on LinkedIn, Issuu & on this website.

But, is all the work I’ve put in to growing my professional reputation worth it? How do I know if I am even standing out? And with a fairly common name like Brianna Baker, what are my chances of showing up on the first page of Google search results?

Today, I decided to answers these questions and Google myself. Here’s what happened.


“Brianna Baker”

  • A lot of people with the name Brianna Baker showed up but after looking through 25 pages of results, none of them were me.
  • I decided to look through the images results and two pictures from high school did show up. They were two portraits that a friend, who wanted to become a photographer, took.

“Brianna Baker Puyallup”

  • Page 1, position 3, was a link to an old Vine profile from 2013 (I forgot I even had a Vine).
  • Page 1, position 5, was a link to my resume that I have uploaded on a platform called Issuu. After following the link I realized that it links you to an out-dated resume and not the most current one.
  • Page 1, position 6, was a link to my mom’s voter records (lol). Why it doesn’t link to my voter record? No one knows.
  • Page 1, position 7, was a link to my Instagram account.
  • Page 1, position 8, was a link to my LinkedIn profile.
  • Page 2, position 2, a PDF of parade rules and regulations from when I worked in the competitive exhibits department at the Washington State Fair.
  • Page 2, position 7, was a link to this blog!

“Brianna Baker Western Washington University”

  • Page 1, position 2, was a link to my LinkedIn profile.
  • Page 1,  position 6, was a link to my old resume on Issuu.

“Brianna Baker Bellingham”

  • Page 1, position 4, was a link to my LinkedIn profile.
  • Page 1, position 5, was a link to my old resume on Issuu.
  • Page 1, position 7, was a link to this blog.

“Brianna Baker Digital Marketing”

  • Page 1, positions 3 & 4, were links to my blog posts.

@BriannaJBaker (My Instagram username)

  • Page 1, position 1, was a link to my Instagram account.

@_Bbaker9 (My Twitter username)

  • Page 1, position 1, was a link to my Twitter account.
  • Page 1, position 2, was a link to a re-tweet by @digimark_wwu

@Bribaker9 (My Snapchat username)

  • Page 1, position 1, this use to be my old Twitter username so it links to an old tweet I was mentioned in.

I also Googled my phone number, which comes up as a person from Fox Island and my email address, which pulls up my old resume on Issuu.

Overall, I am happy that my LinkedIn profile shows up pretty consistently, and I am encouraged my blog is starting to show up as well. I definitely expected “Brianna Baker Puyallup” to return the most results, since that is my hometown, but I was surprised that my Facebook profile didn’t show up once. 

This experiment made me realize that I need to update my resume on Issuu, or at least delete the out-dated version.

Overall, I am happy with the results.

If you are graduating soon or even applying for jobs, you may want to conduct this experiment yourself. I didn’t expect anything shocking to show up, but I still feel a sense of security knowing what employers are going find if they search me.

In the wise words of Oprah,


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