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As the marketing coordinator for BuyerMax – RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc. it is my responsibility to track our website performance through Google Analytics (GA).

One of the first metrics that I check when looking at our GA dashboard is the % of new sessions. As a real estate company, it is important to constantly have new leads filter through your sales funnel. Receiving more leads can result in a higher closing rate (the industry average is 2.5%), thus resulting in more commissions.

Graph of New vs. Returning Website VisitorsThese numbers are’s average returning visitor rate and new visitor rate from January 2016 to April 2017.

After two years of tracking this websites analytics, it is very typical for me to see a new visitor rate in the 70% range.

Although new leads are an important aspect, I would like to see the returning visitor’s rate increase. allows its users to create an account and save home searches. This is a very important feature and it plays a big role in converting cold leads into warm leads, and past clients into repeat clients. An average returning visitor rate of 24% tells me that could benefit from investing more time into the automated emails and search alerts that it sends to subscribed leads.

The next metrics that I analyze are sessions, users and pageviews.

As you can see on the graph below, there seems to be a trend showing that receives more activity during the spring and also an uptick in activity during the holidays. As many real estate agents would tell you, “Spring is the time to sell,” and shows real estate activity does tend to increase during the warmer months.

Please note that in March 2017 was completely redone. Although my work computer’s IP address is blocked from reporting to GA, our website designer’s was not, this accounts for the spike in pageviews that month.

Sessions users pageviews

(# of sessions and # of users are plotted on the primary axis, and # of pageviews is plotted on the secondary axis)

**More Stats Coming Soon**


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