BuyerMax Paid Social

In 2016, I pitched the idea to start running paid ads for certain real estate listings on Facebook.

Over the course of the past year, BuyerMax ran 11 paid social ad campaigns. We found that ads that featured a well-known, or unique property performed the best. While brand awareness and unpopular listing ads fell short of generating enough activity to make running the ad worth our time.

The following spreadsheet shows the performance of each of the ads we ran since March 2016. Some of our best ads were Broadway, Semiahmoo Drive, Cottonwood Court and Mt. Baker Hwy. These ads succeeded in converting a viewer into a user on the BuyerMax website.

Paid Social 2.jpg

Success Story: 2811 Broadway Street, Bellingham

Goal: To generate awareness and traffic to the listing page for 2811 Broadway Street.

Budget: $100, $50/Day

Length: 2 days

Geo-targeting: 30 mile radius of Bellingham, WA


  • Ages: 23-65+
  • Men and women

Detailed targeting based on interests and behaviors

  • Likely to move
  • First time homebuyer
  • First-time buyer
  • Buying a house
  • House hunting
  • Real estate
  • Family
  • Buying and selling real estate

The ad appeared on both Facebook and Instagram, here are some stats:

  • 11,204 people reached
  • 1,072 clicks
  • 12,181 impressions
  • 636 link clicks
  • 168 post reactions
  • 7 new page likes
  • 83% of the audience who engaged with the post were women, while only 17% were men.
  • 52% of the women engaged were between the ages of 25-44

Traffic to the BuyerMax website increased immensely.

Pageviews jumped up from 184 to 803 over the course of the two day ad. 687 of those pageviews were views of the 2811 Broadway Street listing information page, accounting for 9.75% of the total pageviews for the month.

Out of every ad that we in the past, this ad was the most successful at increasing traffic to the BuyerMax website and generating engagement on the BuyerMax Facebook page and Instagram account.

The owner received and accepted an offer two days after the ad ran, only 4 days after it was listed for sale.


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